District Avenue

District Avenue

District Avenue is a hard rock band hailing out of the Tobique First Nation in New Brunswick, Canada. The band fuses together themes ingrained in their aboriginal culture and societal constructs with the vibrant, ear-piercing sound of hard hitting modern rock. 

The group's dynamic musical taste and endearing demeanor takes audiences through a journey of an emotional frontier and fervently rocks the inner being while at the same time instilling strong and heavy messages inspired by the band’s personal surroundings and way of life. With a mission to prove to themselves and to others in doubt that it is never too late to chase your dreams. The band holds the mindset that when you stop dreaming, you stop living, and set out to craft thrill-riding songs that could move people.

District Avenue plans to release their first single 'Revival' and present to the world their incredible animated video. District Avenue's sound and well executed music incandescently welcomes and capture the fascinated attention of audiences into its world.

Members: Michael Bernard -Lead Vocals, Corey Nicholas - Rhythm Guitar,  Sean Nicholas – Drums, Kipp Sappier - Lead Guitar, (??)- Bass - Backup Vocals