Eldamar started in summer of 2015. It is a solo Project that is Atmospheric Black Metal and Ambient. We were very inspired by J.R.R Tolkien, Heathenism, Elven Magic and Nature. Living in Askim Norway, The whole reason behind Eldamar is that the listener can connect with the music in a very emotional way and combine it with nature. Then you will drift away in your own dreams. It is also a story-telling. If you look at the titles of the songs in order, as well as the atmosphere in the songs, how everything is set up basically, you will see the picture. you are a wanderer, you are grateful for what has been given to you, as well as very bad stuff happening. Then you die and you arrive in another realm.

Eldamar is heavily inspired by the North lands nature Power. Look at it as a journey, and drift away in your own dreams. And the course will bring you to the realm of Alfheimr/Elvenhome.”

Only member: Mathias Hemmingby