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Elenion Ancalima

Emyn Muil was formed in 2012 by Saverio Giove alias “Nartum” as part of a bigger project called “Nartum Art - Music Projects”, which is Nartum’s personal way to express his sensibility to black metal music and its subgenres. Nartum Art - Music Projects is divided into five main projects, each one represents one of Nartum’s most favourite musical genre, world and sensibility to a particular theme / universe, in this case the purpose of Emyn Muil is to give omage to one of these worlds, the Tolkien’s one, whereof Nartum is very affectionate. The other projects are Ymir (2008) and Valtyr (2011). Two more projects are planned for the years to come.

The project has clear influences by Summoning, Lord Wind and Kolossal movies sonorities. The name Emyn Muil is taken from a a vast, seemingly impenetrable maze of rocky crags in the region of Rhovanion in J.R.R Tolkien's Middle-earth, where Frodo and Sam met Gollum.

With the first debut album ''Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga'' released in 2013 in limited handmade copies, the intent was to introduce the project and tell Nartum’s sensibility to epic black metal music, trying recreating those atmospheres and sounds of an ancient land that only Tolkien’s books can give. Subsequently the album was released by german label Northern Silence Production, and, in that moment, the project had a very positive response by fan base, and Emyn Muil was spread all over the world.

Members: Nartum (vocals, guitars, all music composition)    Hildr Valkyrie (guest vocals)


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmynMuil

Bandcamp: https://emynmuil.bandcamp.com

Email: nartum.music@gmail.com