Starting in January 2016 Euphoria began to practice virtually non-stop. By mid-March they played their first show at New Dodge Lounge in Hamtramck, MI (where Louie is employed as full time bartender and entertainment manager). They played alongside Witchaven, Steel Bearing Hand, and Nuke to a sold out crowd of 200. Immediately after that show, they entered Mount Doom Studios in Warren, MI to record their first record, “Operation: Genesis”.

The record was released on June 10th, 2016 at a record release show. Another sold out gig at the same venue, playing alongside Lich King, Goblet, SNAFU, and Straight Six in Hamtramck, MI. 101.1 WRIF – Detroit’s commercial Hard Rock/Heavy Metal radio station began playing their song “Cyberschizophrenia”, helping promote record sales statewide. In August 2016, Euphoria went on their first US tour, completely booked by themselves and their friends in different cities. Touring in the US will continue in the fall, and throughout the spring of 2017. Euphoria are looking tour Europe as well in 2017.

Members: Vocals – Justin Kelter, Guitar – Bubba Colonna, Bass – Georg Fjord, Drums – Louie Badalament