In the shadow of doom following a period of extended dormancy, Faustcoven has once again risen from below the earth to deliver its fourth tome of infernal hymns of darkness, In the Shadow of Doom, which is hereby presented under the familiar banner of Nuclear War Now! Productions.

It has been six long years of silence and cave-dwelling hibernation since the release of the band’s previous album, Hellfire and Funeral Bells. Although such a hiatus has undoubtedly tested the patience of Faustcoven’s reverent followers, the result is one which clearly justifies this inconvenience. Mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Gunnar Hansen has put the time passed in the interim to good use and ensuring that every aspect of the album meets his vision of proper black doom.

Those familiar with the band’s previous output will immediately recognize In the Shadow of Doom as another of Hansen’s creations, as it bears all of Faustcoven’s signature trademarks. The same general structural framework has been applied in the crafting of each song, and many of the previously-exposed details remain. Perhaps the most obvious of these are the wickedly unsettling vocals, which once again appear to be gargled in blood as they are expectorated forth. Finally, the production as a whole on In the Shadow of Doom is rawer and more live-sounding, especially in comparison to its predecessor, in that it sounds as if it were recorded in the middle of a rehearsal room with instruments blaring beyond recommended levels.