Since 2010 Firtan from Germany mash up a large variety of musical influences into a driving, raw and cinematic sound. The overall tonal atmosphere was enhanced by including darker and more complex elements into the sound pattern without losing the melodic vibe, which is an essential character of the music since the release of the first EP „Wogen der Trauer“. The described progression led to the recent debut LP „Niedergang“ which, in combination with the production, unleashes an captivating ambience. With their new work „INNENWELT“ Firtan, once more, introduce new creative effort to their music. The EP creates a connection between „Niedergang“ and future material which is mainly charatarized by an even wider diversity of avant-garde and progressive elements.

Firtan played numerous shows and festivals thus far. Among many performances in Germany, several took place in Switzerland, Austria, Romania and also in England. They played and toured with bands like Imperium Dekadenz, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Ne Obliviscaris, Finntroll and many more, furthermore Firtan performed at Ragnarök, Dark Troll and Warhorns Festival and the Rauhnächte Tour to name a few. In 2016 they‘ll promote their new release on various German festivals like Wolfszeit, In Flammen or the Out and Loud Festival, a tour through Czech Republic and additional club shows.

Members: Marius Zeinhofer – Guitar | Phillip Thienger – Guitar & Vocals | Oliver König – Bass






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