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Funeral Winds

Twentyseven years after their foundation, Funeral Winds release their fourth album. Definitely not a prolific band, the Dutch offspring of multi-instrumentalist Hellchrist Xul is ready to unleash hell worshipping their Sinister Creed.

You will not find anything in Funeral Winds black metal that hasn’t been there since the beginning, back in the early Nineties: fury, hate, rage, scorn. And a bit of the good old black magic, so that you can summon demons while listening to Sinister Creed. Do not look for any fine music craftsmanship, as Funeral Winds are devoted to master the black arts, not some hip fine tune. Therefore there is only one thing you can expect from the Dutch duo: total devastation. If you are into music evolutions, new genres and refined, subtle post-production gimmicks you are very welcome to look elsewhere.

Sinister Creed is an album for those whose thirst for blood was never satisfied, whose love for the early Nineties is still alive and kicking, whose black flame never extinguished.

Members: Studio: Hellchrist Xul – Songwriter, Vocals, Guitars, Bass.

Drums: Session

Live: Hellchrist Xul – Vocals

Ishkur Xul – Guitar

Ninnghizhidda Xul – Bass

Drums: Session