Furia were established in Katowice, Poland in 2003. Their unique take on black metal with elements of folk (dubbed “Nekrofolk”) and abstract poetic themes influenced by the astounding and brutal beauty of their home province of Silesia took Polish black metal to entirely new regions. The band’s music is spiced up with lyrics written by Nihil, who is one of the most gifted Polish artists of the decade. Nocel, the band’s previous full-length, dominated the Polish metal charts when it was released in October 2014 via Pagan Records. No wonder the band are considered to be one of the most influential acts in Poland.

The fifth masterpiece from Poland’s critically acclaimed Furia will now be available in LP format. The black metal album of this winter will be released on vinyl on 29 December 2016. Pre-order your copy now through the Pagan Records. In under a month since the release of Ksiezyc milczy luty, Furia managed to grab the attention of fans and press from all over the world. Ksiezyc milczy luty is the next big step on the road of nekrofolk, which the band have been paving from the very beginning of their inception.

Members: Nihil – Vocals/Guitarsm, A – Guitars, Sars – Bass and Namtar – Drums