Goatpenis has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the most venerable black metal bands in existence. Hailing from the Santa Catalina region of southern Brazil, and following a relatively brief stint as the death metal act Suppurated Fetus, this cult resumed its homeland’s legacy of bestiality first established by Sarcófago, the band’s ancestral compatriots from the Minas Gerais region to the north, with its earliest demos, htaeD no tabbaS, Blessed by War, and Jesus Coward, in the early 1990s. After a period of several years of lineup changes and intermittent hiatuses, Goatpenis redefined its sound and aesthetic with the release of its debut full-length, Inhumanization, in 2004, and the band subsequently released four more albums over the next decade and a half.

Beginning most obviously with the 1993 demo, Blessed by War, and continuing on through to its newest, sixth album, Anesthetic Vapor.

In this day and age, as global political tensions rise daily and exponentially, and threaten to result in the self-induced extinction of humankind, Anesthetic Vapor heeds the call for war and celebrates it.

Members: Sabbaoth – Bass / Vocals + Virrugus Apocalli – Guitars