“Greber​  offers up their latest slab of crushing sludge- and doom-laden grind with their new album, Cemetery Preston. The duo consist of bassist/vocalist Marc Bourgon​ (ex-Fuck the Facts) and drummer/vocalist Steve Vargas​ (The Great Sabatini), who create an exceptionally raw and visceral sound with their unique approach.” – Exclaim!

““Obliterating” is the word that comes to mind first in reflecting on this massive marauder. The vocals are raw and unhinged; the bass riffs are hard and heavy enough to reduce tall building to tiny piles of smoking gravel; and the tumbling, battering, bone-smashing qualitis of the changing drum rhythms are seriously attention-grabbing. There’s doom and blood-thirsty violence and a healthy dose of head-nodding compulsiveness in this genre-bending song, and I’m now slobbering to hear more from Greber.” – No Clean Singing

“Greber’s pursuit of intricate heavy music pays off immensely. “Cemetery Preston” will be one of the most unique and layered experiences of this year.” – The Sludgelord

Members: Steve Vargas – Vocals, Drums, Marc Bourgon – Vocals, Bass