Hailing from Basel, Switzerland, the black metal band Hån (Norwegian, "scorn") was founded in 2009 and has eversince been active, releasing a self-produced demo in 2012 and bringing mayhem to numerous stages with their raw, in-your-face blasphemy, supporting major, international black metal acts in Switzerland and France.

Originally formed by Gnist, Lodur, Ferox and Sorg, Kryptos replaced Ferox on the rhythm guitar in 2012 and with Sorg leaving the band in 2014, Grevling joined forces the year after.

Musically and lyrically Hån stays true to old school Scandinavian black metal, with elements typical for acts of the genre from Finland and lyrical topics on darkness, misanthropy, hate and blasphemy.

Their latest full length album Facilis Descensus Averni was released via Northern Silence's Underground Series.

Members: Lineup: Gnist, Lodur, Kryptos, Sorg


Website - http://www.hån.ch

Bandcamp - http://thetruehohn.bandcamp.com

Metal Archives - http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/hån

Label - http://www.northern-silence.de