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Heathen Beast

HEATHEN BEAST, the undercover band from India that’s speaking up against the unfair practices of the government are back from hibernation to release a blackened slab of grindcore. Their improved direction allows them to express their issues in a more effective manner. ‘$cam’ is about the horrifying overnight discontinuation of 90% of the currency notes in circulation around the country, thus effectively bringing the activities, especially of the poor people who don’t even have bank accounts, to a grinding halt. Here’s an undiluted and venomous take on this whole biased decision that is apparently favouring the rich but leaving the poor people in deep trouble. For better or worse, this unprecedented demonetization move by the government in power has sparked a massive outrage and here’s HEATHEN BEAST releasing a scathing album about it in timely fashion.

Members: Carvaka – Vocals/Guitars, Samkhya – Bass, Mimamsa – Drums