Combining the emotional and atmospheric elements of Black Metal from Germany with progressive rhythm-laden modern Metal structures and the beauty of Post Rock and Shoegaze, Heretoir is a nostalgic, melancholic and soothing soundtrack in a mad world. Founded (in Augsburg) by David “Eklatanz” C. in 2006, Heretoir conceptually and lyrically deals with existence, self-reflection, fears and dreams – life in all its facets. It is a musical universe set for the discovery of one’s deepest thoughts and the soul that rests in each of us…

Following more than 5 years of intense work, the much-anticipated second album “The Circle” is finally about to be released in March 2017.

 “The Circle” deals with the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Weaving crushing heaviness and atmospheric dreaminess the album portrays an emotional journey – a life dedicated to the sun and to freedom.

Members: David (3. from left – vocals, guitar), Matthia (2. from left – bass), Max (4. from left – guitar), Nils (1. from left – drums)