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Hero’s Last Rite

Vocalist Stephen McDonald, bassist Paul Vidal, drummer Dan Rogers, and guitarist Mike Davidson originally met while playing in another band called Obsidian Reign. After amicably separating from Obsidian Reign in early 2008, they began to focus on original material. After searching unsuccessfully for a permanent fifth member to play lead and rhythm guitar, the band remained a four-piece until Tim Gorman, a local guitarist from Thundertank joined in 2010.

The 11 song album "Inevitable is the End" was recorded at Dan Rogers' Needlenose Studios, in Fredericton, N.B. Despite their modest following, the album received rave reviews from various independent metal sites.

In 2014, HLR release 'The Mirror's Face' again with great reviews.

Bassist Eric Godin joined HLR in the fall of 2014.

Members: Mike Davidson, Stephen McDonald, Dan Rogers, Eric Godin, Tim Gorman