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Hildr Valkyrie

In 2017… (as far…)

After so many years being a huge fan herself, Nartum asked Hildr to join Emyn Muil as a female vocalist in his album “Elenion Ancalima”. In the same year on November 3rd Hildr Valkyrie released her second album “Revealing the Heathen Sun” under the label Stygian Crypt with the grand help of Jan Twothousandarrows from Folkearth and Folkodia on guitars, bass and drum programming, also in this album Thiseas Lykos helped on lyrics and Runahild from Eliwagar joined with her voice one track plus wrote the Norwegian part of the lyrics which included in the song. On November 17th another great collaboration came to life, this time with the Hellenic one-man band Celtefog with the EP “A Faded Wisdom” released by Celtic Fog Productions.

And the battle goes on…

Members: Hildr Valkyrie, Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Drum Programming, Tabor, Tin Whistle.

Session: Gianluca Tamburini from {Folkearth/Folkodia} Italy, All Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming.






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