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Hornwood Fell

Evolution is a long and complex process, which requires several, if not many different phases. Hornwood Fell, from the woods of central Italy, now reach the third landmark in their career, and keep on changing. Started from an all-round, classic and nineties-oriented black metal debut in 2014, the trio began adding new elements to their music on the sophomore album “Yheri” and now, with their new opus “My Body, My Time”, they are still walking along the path of evolution.

Such change is quite eloquent from the very artworks that complete each of the band’s three albums. At first it was the wood, in its greeny and yellowy grey, surrounding a small, dark human figure; then man became prominent, in a suffering, fading shriek painted in blue, the woods just a frame in the background. Now it is pink, man the only true character in the picture, holding a timepiece, as if the band wanted to focus on humanity, leaving nature behind. Similar conclusions can be drawn when looking at Hornwood Fell language: what began as forest poetry in Italian, soon became English, and now is not even forest poetry anymore, with song titles such as “Her Name” and “The Livid Body”.

Members: Marco Basili – Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Andrea Basili – Drums





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