The first manifestations are released through a demo cd-r called “Prognatus Ex Astrum Flammeus”, a single named “Under the Splendor of the Forbidden Light” and a Split cd “Dark Rites of Human Desecration” released in MMDXI, compiling in them the work done in the early stage o the band. At the end of this primary stage during the year of MMXII, A purge is performed in its rows with the expulsion of first guitarist, bringing with it the sound purification. In the year of MMXIV, IGNIS HAERETICUM embarks on a path of no return with the release of the first Full-length: “Luciferian Gnosis”, work composed by eight hymns intended to open the doors of the abyss of madness and bring its gospel to the world.

Currently, the second Full-length: “Autocognition of Light” will be released at the end of MMVII year. It’s a work conceived and written as an entire piece instead of just a bunch of songs. This is a process of knowledge that leads to an individual search, free of teachers and devoid of any ego, making conscious the real nature of man.

Members: Fr.M.H.DCXVI, Fr.D.M.