A nut-grabbing explosion of raw violence and grinding post-hardcore, this song brings to mind Axe to Fall-era Converge with just enough Botch-inspired math bits thrown in to keep you on your toes. Ilenkus are absolutely tearing up the place in a frenzy of lights, smoke and astonishing noise. We’ve seen a lot of great performances this weekend yet this one might just take the top spot, helped by the thrill of a new discovery and the sheer power of their grinding post-metal. “Ilenkus come up trumps with a powerful airing of their meandering, and equally energetic, post-metal tidings. Whether it’s in the protracted passages of ‘Great Divide’ or shorter, more belligerent riff-driven tunes, this quintet are truly captivating” - Terrorizer. The syncopation that these guys achieve throughout their music is quite simple phenomenal, and testament to their ability as a band to craft songs which will drag you in and make you want to hear more…we are form Galway Ireland

Members: Rory Guyett, Sam Ellis, Chris Brennan, Rob Van Der Klooster and Josh Guyett.