Inclemency self-titled debut album,  A man wakes to find himself washed ashore on a starless night, unsure of how he got there. To the East pounds the violently turbulent waves which brought him here, to the West, an impenetrable forest, and with his North and South continuing as far as the eye can see the cliffs seem as they were merely repeating themselves in an endless hell, which in another light could seem a paradise… 

 This concept album sets out to explore the emotion and internal thoughts of the man, coming to terms with his situation and ultimately accepting his fate for the things he has done during his life. 

 The themes of the album itself are not inherently religious, but sparingly use religious allegory to describe a deep seeded cultural ideal of punishment for wrong doings, or karma. 

 Musically, Inclemency  have tried to create beauty amongst the chaos, always considering each moment as a vertical slice of time to be both overwhelmingly sad, yet comforting in its harmonious dissonance… like a bad memory you look back on with fondness, or a bitter taste that reminds you of a lost loved one. We are from Sydney, Australia.

Members: Guitars and Vox - Brad Gentle,  Bass - Vanessa Gentle,  Session Drums - Tim Yatras