The album showed a slightly altered face of the band. As this time almost all of its members took part in the creative process, the material became much more complex and mature. In spite of considerable stylistic changes, the new album still contained the genuine atmosphere present on the “Wziemiozstąpienie”.

In 2017, the band finished working on their third album entitled “Sporysz” (“Ergot”). The material was released on 22nd December by Arachnophobia Records. The album is another milestone in the band’s musical development. It is not only a reflection of the constant evolution of their style, but also of another line-up changes that have occurred in the band recently.

The new album includes even more original and unusual compositions – music much more strongly embedded in a progressive / alternative style, but not without the old black metal or folk elements that are the band’s trademark since the very beginning.

Members: Mateusz Kujawa – vocals

Marcin “Pazuzu” Pazera – drums

Dawid Wierzbicki – bass

Krzysztof “Gambit” Stanisz – guitars

Jakub “Zagreus” Olchawa – guitars