After much experimenting over the years the band has branded and molded a sound that is very unique.

What started off as a metalcore project became something much more eclectic and versatile.

Jester is a technical groove metal band with much progressive influence. Arrangements with odd time signatures, complex rhythms, polyrhythmic rolls and syncopated bass drum patterns. Very influenced by many djent and progressive metal bands.

“We wanted to do something that was out of the ordinary, stuff that you would not commonly hear while listening to Liquid Metal on Sirius XM.”

With vocals influenced by Lamb of god and Hatebreed, Christian has put his two feet forward, stepping it up a notch to help shape what Jester’s sound has become.

A full length album is projected to be completed and fully recorded by the end of 2018. So be on the look out for a release date in the earlier part of 2019.

Members: Christian Coombes – Vocals

Kensen Jardine – Guitar

Dale Landry – Drums

Chad MacPherson – Guitar

Christopher Capstick – Bass