All the material for Kosmogyr debut, Eviternity, was written across two-continents using midi composition softwares, sending sketches and ideas back and forth Europe and Asia, as the two musicians shaped their work into its final form. And its final form delivers a load of uncompromising black metal. Deeply rooted in the ‘90s, Eviternity owes its essence to the Scandinavian sound, mainly to the Swedish school, and yet manages to sound contemporary, thanks to some atmospheric hints. If Marduk and Dissection mean something to you, but you don’t despise the odd sip of American north-western sounds, Kosmogyr might be the band you are looking for.

When asked about the themes the album deals with, singer Ivan Belcic stated that Kosmogyr “would prefer to contextualize the songs as little as possible. We believe each listener deserves the opportunity to create their own interpretation and sense of meaning for the music and the stories contained within. Our music is a reflection of the aspects of black metal as a whole which resonate most profoundly with us.”

Members: Xander Cheng — guitars & bass, Ivan Belcic — vocals & drum programming


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