The band Kruger was formed in June 1989. The line-up included: Hamer (the founder of the band) - guitar, vocal, roar, songwriter; Ripper - drums, back roar; Maniac - zombie-bass, back-roar. Regardless of western trends, musicians became discoverers of death metal in Moscow, Sovet Union, and one of the first albums of the band "Born By Darkness" peaked #1 in Polish national youth radio and topped the chart for a few month being followed by songs of such monsters of world metal as Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura and others. All Kruger members had already been professional musicians before the band formation going on tours and recording albums. The newly created band quickly gained notice and was a welcome guest at all the major rock and metal festivals. Shortly, Alexander Hamer created his original “Dragon-man” image, the unique fire show and a newly developed music style, which was named the Diesel-metal. The band has come a long way and as of now has released 13 studio albums, numerous compilations, singles and videos. Moscow, Russia scene legends.

Members: Alexandr Hamer - Voice, Guitar, Fliiky – Bass, Gina – Voice, Thor - Drums.