LOSTAIR was formed in 2004, the original line up see : Teo Lost (guitar), Stizza (drums)  Gemetto Matteo (guitar) Salvatore Torcivia (bass) and Cristian Pellegrin (vocals).

The band started to compose the first pieces of what will ‘then the first demo of the band” LOSTAIR” meanwhile joins the band and substituting Matteo Gemetto guitar, Fabio Lancerotto. Do not wait much that in 2007 LOSTAIR come out with a new job, the “PERFECT DARK “EP and an eponymous video ep, but where’ does not appear more Salvatore Torcivia, but the new substitute, Francesco Povolo.

LOSTAIR decide to stay in three given the short time for the auditions for a new guitarist and saw the upcoming dates of a certain level, but also in three the wall of sound is heard.

Finally after many guitarists,  joined the band  Andrea Girardello, who immediately find the right harmony with the others members.

In 2017, “Ad Jubilaeum” comes out of the new studio work of the band, a concept album focusing on the Christian religion and its power.

Members: Teo: Guitar and Voice, Andrea:Guitar, Gorgi:Bass, Stizza: Drum