LYZZÄRD is a heavy metal band from Porto, Portugal that started in 2013. Their current lineup is formed by Margarida Veiga (bass), Tiago Azevedo (vocals) and his brother Ricardo Azevedo (lead guitar), Tiago Tedim (rythmn guitar), and David Paiva (drums).

After the self-financed EP Release the Hounds in 2014, LYZZÄRD’s music started to turn into heavy metal, an evolution that can be appreciated on their debut full-length album, Savage, self-released on a limited CD-R pressing in early 2017, which reflects the true spirit of the band.

In spring of the same year, LYZZÄRD got approached by FIGHTER RECORDS, who showed interest in doing a proper release of this killer album and giving it a worldwide promotion and distribution.

Members: Margarida Veiga – bass, Tiago Azevedo – vocals, Ricardo Azevedo – lead guitar, Tiago Tedim – rythmn guitar, David Paiva – drums





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