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Mac Tyroon

My name is Mac Tyroon and I am a one-man-metal band from Germany. I started playing guitar in 2004 (learning by myself) and three years later, i wrote my first songs.

In 2011 I joined in a band just for fun. One year later I formed my own band named "Shizoria".

I fulfilled myself a childhood's dream, when I played my first gig with Shizoria as a frontman.

Since 2013 I started my solo project "Mac Tyroon" with a new dream...releasing a self-made Album!

Up to the present time, I finished a couple songs like "Suffer in hell", the speedy "Hate awake" and the heavy "the edge of my existence".


Check out my songs on https://www.youtube.com/user/DroneJunky/

Follow me on twitter: @MacTyroon