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Obscure Burial

Hailing from Finland, OBSCURE BURIAL are DEATH METAL incarnate. No memory, no past nor future, but the fertile blackness of One and Only, the Lawless King, son of the stillborn moment: OBSCURE BURIAL emerged from the lifeless womb in the year 2012. Not long after, their debut demo, God’s Abomination, is released by INVICTUS and the cult begins. Two years later came Epiphany, the band’s second demo, again released by INVICTUS. Here, their ruthlessly eldritch death metal receives a more advance and dynamic approach, and the fever surrounding the name begins to build ever further. Now, after a minor lineup change, the time is at hand for the band’s debut album: Obscure Burial.

Truly a magnum opus of all that’s come before within their enviable arsenal, OBSCURE BURIAL don’t so much alter their steadfast formula as simply perfect it. For true believers with ears and hearts wide open shall bear witness, upon one mere spin of Obscure Burial, that the ancient black/death magick is filthier than ever and effervescently captured in truly terrorizing 3D, raw and reckless and yet deadly fucking clear.

Members: L.K. – Vocals, Lead Guitar

M.H. – Lead Guitar

R.A. – Bass

K.S. – Drums


Facebook: Obscure Burial