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Pilsen Drinkers

It all began in the summer of 2004, where Diego Parra on guitar, Renato Leal on lead guitar and Rodrigo Gutiérrez on drums, to make music, have fun, play songs and covers of metal classics, plus a PILSEN born of there the concept “PILSEN DRINKERS”.

In November of 2013 enters Diego Alfaro Tabilo, who completes the band in the Low, reaching to be in presentations live in the cities of Coquimbo and La Serena, soon retires by personal interests.

In March of 2014, Michael Escandall Reyes joined Bajo, bringing new ideas to the group, musical concepts, and creating a more solid atmosphere within the themes created.

Pilsen Drinkers is actively participating in events and tocatas within the Region.

Recordings begin in the month of February 2015 of the new LP.

Members: Diego Parra: Vocals & Guitar.

Rodrigo Gutiérrez: Drums & Backing Vocals.

Amador “Amadoreitor” Escudero: Guitar & Backing Vocals.

Michael Escandall Reyes: Bass.


Call +56 9 9536 5152