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Planet Eater

PLANET EATER has a tone that makes them stand out… Check out first track and lead single “The Boats”. Within the first 20 seconds a swinging, almost blues inspired riff wraps itself around your head, and then it comes back heavier (and slower) when the full band kicks in. Around that same time, vocalist Donovan Turner makes his presence known with a full throated straight from the guts of hell bellow, immediately calling these proceedings to order….On their first proper full length, PLANET EATER prove themselves contenders not only in the local scene, but have created a product that is worthy of international listene-rship.

A first-class ticket to headbang city, propelled by a thundering bass and drum section. While there’s plenty of jolting groove in the song (Cold Confines), the rapidly swirling and adrenaline-fueled swarming of the riffs and leads provide different textures — but they also get their hooks in you — while the high, raw, flesh-eating vocals amplify the music’s rushing, rabid intensity.

Members: Donovon Turner – Vocals, Luc Hart – Guitar, Nick Eichhrost – Drums, Troy Bleich – Bass/Vocals, Devin Ubel – Guitar