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Sound Storm

After several line-up changes between 2014 and 2015, the band eventually found a top-quality team by recruiting Elena Crolle on keyboards, Alessandro Bissa (Vision Divine, Labyrinth) on drums, Sascha Blackice on the rhythm guitar and Fabio Privitera as lead singer.

“Vertigo” is the new band’s latest album, created with an extra purpose than “simple” music.

Besides being a top-quality album for the compositions and the production – it was produced in the Netherlands at “Sandlane Recording Facilities” with Joost Van Den Broek (Epica, Ayreon, Xandria etc) who worked with the band from the first moment of conception.

“Vertigo” is something more than a metal album; the music has a cinematic purpose. It’s a mind full screenplay born across two years of hard work. The music itself required a strong video addition to the project, and this lead the band to start collaborating with a cinematic crew, involved for the development of the whole concept.

Members: Fabio Privitera (Vocals)

Valerio Sbriglione (Lead Guitar)

Massimiliano Flak (Bass)

Elena Crolle (Keyboards)

Sascha Blackice (Rhythm Guitar)

Mattia Rubino (Drums)






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