The band was formed in August 2009

In 2010 the aforementioned guys recorded their debut ÅÐ titled 'Conflict' after which they started to play alive actively in Ukraine and Russia.

In 2011 Yevgeniy and Vadim left the band. They were soon replaced by Ivan Lozovskiy, guitars (Vrizav Duba) and Yevgeniy Solodkiy, vocals. This way they started working on writing the stuff for their debut full-length. In 2010–2013 the band took place in many big post-Soviet metal scene events (Metal Head's Mission, Coyote Brutal Fest, Petrogrind, Kiev Sonic Massacre, Uzhgorerot, Defeated Sanity (DE) support during their Russian tour etc.).

Members: Aleksey, drummer (ex-DATURA, BREDOR) and Yulik, bass (ex-BREDOR). The first lineup was also about Vadim Bugayov, guitars, and Yevgeniy Grachov, vocals.