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Tales of Gaia

TALES OF GAIA has its beginnings in September 2010. In the early days, the band was formed by four members, amongst them already Javi and Ray. During the two first years, the band focused on composing their first songs and trying out the heat of the stage.

On the 5th of January 2015, Breaking Dawn was released. The EP sold hundreds of copies in different countries of Europe, Asia, and America, having remarkable recognition amongst fans and media. This allowed TALES OF GAIA to strengthen themselves and lay the foundations of their sound. However, after two presentation shows in Terrassa and Barcelona, the formation decided to break ranks with their former singer, Edgar Castro. This caused the interruption of the Breaking Dawn presentation tour and led the band to start looking for a new singer. In June 2015, Néstor Català (Nicte, Rosebad), would join the band as vocalist until the present day.

Members: Javier Carrillo – Guitar, Raúl Moriana – Guitar, Sergi Sabater – Drums, Carlos Leonardo – Bass, Néstor Català – Vocals, Miguel Clemente – Keyboards