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The Minerva Conduct

THE MINERVA CONDUCT are hailed as a supergroup in India with members of DEMONIC RESURRECTION, GUTSLIT and ALBATROSS coming together to create something unique. For too long Indian bands have played well within the confines of the extreme metal genre and what is tried and tested, but finally here is a metal band that’s daring to expand the perception of the genre as a whole. Forward-thinking and cutting-edge, their progressive music deals with clever experimentation and even the incorporation of subtle layers of atmosphere to elevate the experience beyond the ordinary. The more you listen to this album, the more you will get enamored by it. With a gorgeous artwork adorning the instrumental music, and with drumming and synth done by ENTHEOS, ex-ANIMALS AS LEADERS member Navine Koperweis, this is a world class album that should be heard by all fans of contemporary metal music.

Members: Prateek Rajagopal (Guitars/Composer), Nishith Hegde (Guitars), Ashwin Shriyan (Bass)


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