“Apocalyptic Tales” is a new, third full-length album (it’s hard to count the total quantity of released demos, mini-albums and splits) of the band, that became some kind of cult. New CD is demonstrating the new side of the guys’ creativity (insanity?). As always – raw, angry, uncompromising, but technical and very diverse music, it’s quite difficult to describe it by some one term – certainly – it’s Thrash Metal, but with a lot of impurities. It’s important to note that these impurities, they all have the roots of extremely pure metal trends, such as Death Metal and Black Metal. Speed, dampness and furious pressure clearly will not leave indifferent admirers of the old school of honest Metal.

Tiran – veterans of the local underground, more than twelve years they are cutting real underground Thrash metal in the style of Kreator, Destruction and Annihilator, in the name of the Unholy Inquisition.

In September 2017, TIRAN released its third full-length album, probably its long-awaited and exhausted album, the material for which was accumulated for four years and rolled back in four line-ups, each of which contributed to the final result. No cloning Metallica and other bay area snot. Only raw, dirty and fast Thrash, as it is, in all its diversity.

Members: Tiran – g/v

Moshna – g

Father – b

Kate – d





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