Unto The Wolves











Unto The Wolves

The music typically has a heavy edge but hesitates to label itself metal. The feel of the music is riddled with driving rhythmic guitars, a gritty bass, hard hitting drums accompanied by melodic and aggressive vocals. However, you’ll also find an additional

instrument or two in multiple songs based on what religious text and culture was chosen for the subject matter. In an effort to combine these ideals into a single project in a respectful manner, each set of writings is examined from multiple points of view. This album is a year’s worth of work and truly offers a unique perspective on how music can be inspired by the way all people choose to live.

The “Unto the Wolves” debut album is called “Year One” due to the content being created throughout the first year of the project. At www.patreon.com/untothewolves, you’re able to become a patron and take part in the discovery and journey through the cultures of the world. “Year Two”, has already begun.

Members: John “Gage” Sifuentes performs and records all instrumentation and vocals