VHÄLDEMAR is a Spanish metal band formed in the late ’90s in Vizcaya, Spain, when guitarist Pedro J. Monge decided to create a group with the singer and guitarist Carlos Escudero.

In 2001, they released their first demo, and it brought them a record deal with Arise Records, with whom they launched their debut album, Fight to the End, in March 2002 and was released throughout Europe, Japan, Russia, and North and South America. In late 2003, VHÄLDEMAR releases its second album, I Made my Own Hell, again on Arise Records.

In 2007, they headlined the Bilbao BBK Live Festival, and the band released its third album, Metal of the World. In August 2012, the band played at Leyendas del Rock Festival and also at Ripollet Rock Festival. In May 2013, the band releases their fourth album Shadows of Combat.

In 2017, VHÄLDEMAR inks a deal with FIGHTER RECORDS for a multi-album deal, which includes the reissue of their two first albums, Fight to the End (’02) and I Made my Own Hell (’03), which was released in April on a double-CD with five bonus tracks and remastered sound. A five-song digipack EP entitled Old King’s Visions was released in May, also by FIGHTER RECORDS.

Members: Vocals- Carlos Escudero, Guitars-Pedro J. Monge, Bass- Adolfo WB, Drums- Gonzalo “Gontzal” García, Keyboards – Jonkol Tera, Manager- Oscar Cuadrado (Ex-bass)




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