Vinum Sabbatum

Vinum Sabbatum

Vinum Sabbatum is a 5-piece band from Finland playing personal mixture of proto-doom/heavy & prog rock. The band was formed year 2009 and has this far released one EP “Songs from the convent” with 2 bonus tracks and full length “Bacchanale Premiere” under Northern Silence Production’s sub-label Eyes Like Snow.

The band aims for distinctive sound with heavy layers of Hammond organ and other keyboard sounds that are arranged to make the band's soundscape original. Songs are rather versatile changing from low tempo progressive doom to straightforward rock tunes with plenty of catchy hooks. 

2016 is the year of new release “Apprehensions” which shows evolvement in performance of the band in terms of song writing and musical skills. The band is also experimenting with some new styles and tries to break out the oversaturated psych/retro rock scene of recent years.

Member: Tomi Korpela – Organ and keyboards, Jarno Jaakkola – Drums, Janne Salo – Vocals, Mika Pajula – Bass, Janne Riihimäki – Guitars and backing vocals.







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