Wasteland Zombies

Wasteland Zombies

The Wasteland Zombies formed in 1993 in Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada. Broke up in 1994 and reunited in 2014. The band plays Alt-Metal. Recently re-recorded two tracks. Now in writing mode and lots of shows coming near you!

The band will continue to play live shows and plan to begin writing new material to be released in 2017. We currently have 2 brand new originals written in January 2016 entitled 'The Fire Breathing Liar' and 'Kill Scene - Zombie Nation'.

Members: Glen Brown - Drums/ Jamie Norrad - Guitars/ Jake Taylor - Bass/ Chris Waddell – Vocals. The Wasteland Zombies have been: Richard O'Neil - Guitars (1993-'94), Ray Robinson (1992-'94/2014-'15), Chris Storey (1993-'94), Rick Brown (1992/2014-'15)





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