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Winds Of Leng

Formed in July of 2006, members of Winds of Leng spent the early years solidifying their unique position in death metal by honing their writing skills and and finding the best lineup of musicians. After falling dormant for a brief period the band resumed activity in 2012 with a renewed sense of drive and soon after began creating what would become their 2017 debut. This process involved not only the writing of all new material, but also the creation of their own home recording studio (which Andrew spearheaded). Once all of the tracks were completed, the band took the raw data to legendary musician/producer Dan Swano at Unisound AB for mixing and mastering. On June 23 of 2017 the world was decimated by their debut LP, Horrid Dominion. Consisting of eight songs of furious speed and crushing heaviness –  featuring artwork by Alex Tartsus – the album is gathering extremely positive reviews across the metal blogosphere… meanwhile the band is working on new material and rounding out the lineup for their first and future live performances! Lyrically inspired by the horrific, Winds of Leng strives to create the darkest, most vicious sounds they possibly can.

Members: DZ-Drums/Guitar/Bass, AS-Guitar/Bass, JT-Guitar/Vocals/Bass





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