X-Method is currently in production of 2 videos that were filmed on location in Peru from their Central and South American Tour in 2016.

The 2 songs, ‘WWX” and “Triangles and Sixes” portray not only the power of X-Method’s style but also live performances and the passion of their fans that call themselves “Method Militia.”

“Method Militia” consist of fans from The United Kingdom, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Philippines, Egypt, Mongolia, Japan, Hong Kong, Argentina,  and the United States. At any given time the Militia can log onto the fan page, Twitter, or Facebook and chat with either band member live in real time. You never know who is in the fan page. It could be the lead singer Abby, lead guitarist Tony, rhythm guitarist Chris, bass player Jordie, the drummer Ricardo, or all of them if you happen to catch them after practice or around show time.

Members: Tony-guitar, Chris-guitar, Abby-vocals, Jordie-bass, Ricardo-drums


Call Mark  1-408-836-2142